Prepare Delicious Grilled Food On Your Indoor Grill

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The grilling season most of the times annoy people living in the cities. They don’t have the backyard where they can enjoy the summer weather like in suburban residents and enjoy the delicious grilled food. However, in today’s time, they can too enjoy the grilled barbecues thanks to indoor grills. But many say it doesn’t taste the same. And to solve that problem we’ve got some simple but useful tips for you that will help you to get the same flavor as an outdoor grill.

Delicious Grilled Food


7 Tips to Prepare Delicious Grilled Food on your Indoor Grill

  • There are a variety of indoor grills in the market. You got the panini style ones and others too. And all of them are great. But if you want a similar experience like the outdoor grills then you need to go for the cast iron grill pans. Because unlike other indoor grills they hold the heat well and evenly. Also, they give you those beautiful grill marks on your food which makes your meals look exquisite.
  • You don’t require a lot of utensils for grilling. Just need a few stuff and you are good to go. You require a tong to flip your foods. Spatula to flip your buns and fish fillets. Also, essential to have a brush to glaze your foods with oil or barbecue sauce. And another brush for to clean the grills. The last one which is a must is vegetable oils as they give the essence to your food. If you tick all the boxes then you’re golden.
  • Preparation is the key to cooking an awesome meal. Micheline star chefs will agree with that. And this basic thing also applies for grilling. One must always prepare the grill before start cooking. You need to preheat the pan, rub some oil on the grills and let it heat for some time. Then take it off and let it cool. And when you are going to cook later, again heat your indoor grill. You will know it is ready when a bit of smoke starts coming. Then just brush some oil on the meat and put it in the pan. And you know the rest.

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  • We not only just taste the food with our mouth but also enjoy it with the eyes. And this case is even more strong when it comes to grilled foods. Because everyone loves the grilled marks on their food. And it isn’t that hard to pull off. You can easily do it on your indoor grills by placing the food at a 45-degree angle so that the marks can be done. Just need to place it there for about 2-3 minutes and that’s it. Try it yourself.
  • Smoke coming out of the grills is a visual treat. However, overdoing that can really have a bad impact on the taste. So, don’t over oil the food. And also don’t press your foods to hard on the grill as you can squeeze out the juices of the meat. And no one loves dry, burnt foods.
  • Being a show off don’t pay well if you don’t know what you are doing. This is the case for amateur grillers as they often try to flip the foods to showboat in front of the crowd. But that often ends in a disaster as most times the food isn’t cooked on the side well and it’s uneven. And sometimes the food dramatically fall apart for not being done well enough. So, the tip is to let it cook well on both sides. Also, be careful while marinating your meats. Don’t keep it for too long as it is a recipe for disaster. Marinate meats like for 2 hours and fish takes just about 20 odd minutes to prepare.
  • And some other things that you can do to make it a real barbecue experience. Like using smoky-flavored barbecue sauces as you can’t get the woody smoky flavor from an indoor grill. Also, you need to be careful about choosing the meat pieces. As you don’t have a big surface to grill so you need to avoid the big chunk of meats such as pork shoulders. And while cooking the meat always check the temperature of the meat to know if it’s prepared or need some extra time on the grill. Plus, never serve food from the grill directly as it needs some rest. So, always let the heat to go down a bit.

You can’t ever match the actual experience of a big outdoor grill using an indoor grill. However, with this smart tips, you can get close to it which ain’t that bad if you ask me. Just give it a try and see what your friends and family have to say.

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