Hamilton Beach 25331 Super Sear Nonstick Indoor Electric Searing Grill Review

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As you can comprehend from its name, this popular counter-top kitchen gadget has a huge space which is 100 square inch non stick coated cooking surface to prepare delicious and healthy meals for your daily breakfast, lunch and dinner. It’s most likely one of the largest counter-top in-house electric powered searing grill. This wonderful searing grill is perfect for a medium family but all on a sudden if you want to throw a party with 25 to 30 persons, your Hamilton Beach 25331 Super Sear Grill still works great and grills mouth watering grilled foods. It saves a lot of time with it’s 100 square inch cooking surface where you’ll be able to grill a whole of different foodstuffs on a single grilling session. Have fun grilling with Hamilton Beach 25331!

Hamilton Beach 25331

The Significant Features Of Hamilton Beach 25331 Super Searing Grill:

  • This indoor searing grill has a complete digital display system for it’s temperature control.
  • It’s adjustable temperature controls lets you control your preferred temperature for different types of food items.
  • The 100 square inch 100% nonstick barbecuing area is just perfect and you are good to go with 4 burgers on a single grilling session effortlessly.
  • It’s floating hinge fits precisely when you have foodstuffs with different width. For instance, now you can grill your sandwiches and steaks like a pro!
  • This super searing grill heats up so fast and heats up to 500 degree Fahrenheit.
  • The significant thought regarding ‘Heat Holding’ of this grilling machine is, it can hold the heat appropriately to ensure your complete grilling satisfaction with delightful, tasty and mouth-watering grilled foodstuffs.
  • A single grilling session and the whole gang’s(4 to 6 persons) food is ready!
  • It’s sear button is illuminated and it’s drip tray is totally dishwasher safe.
  • The dimension is just about 14 by 13-4/5 by 7-1/2 inches.
  • You have a 1 year limited warranty.
  • The ‘Stay Cool’ handle is completely safe and you’ll never get hurt by it’s excessive temperature.

Searing Grill Ensures No More Squeezed Sandwiches:

The brand Hamilton implemented a revolutionary feature which is ‘Floating Hinge’ on it’s model “Hamilton Beach 25331 Super Sear Nonstick Indoor Searing Grill.” Previously, grilling stakes and sandwiches simultaneously was a total nightmare but now you can have it perfectly all at on a single grilling session without any hassle. Not to mention, you’ll never get any squeezed sandwiches and stakes ever. This out of the box feature made Hamilton so popular among the grill lovers. Do check our best indoor grill review which where we reviewed the best ones available in the market.

Other Notable Features Of Hamilton Beach Indoor Electric:

It’s adjustable temperature control gives you the freedom to control your desired temperature depending on your different food selections. The temperature information are displayed on a digital display. It’s sear button is illuminated and clean up of this searing grill is a piece of cake which means it’s 100% dishwasher safe. The ‘Stay Cool’ handle feature is truly outstanding because there is no chance that you’ll ever get wounded by it’s excessive heat even if you are a bit careless during your cooking session!

The Excellence Of Hamilton Beach 25331 Indoor Grill:

We are preparing our everyday meals with this 25331 for quite a long time and we have observed that this kitchen gadget can warms up so fast and is equipped for keeping up the high temperature appropriately. Indeed, it gets hot so quick that there is a decent risk that your dinner would wind up being something undesired. Don’t worry and don’t stress! At this point, I would suggest you to do only one thing and that is, just grill carefully. Actually, that’s what you need to have your perfect grilled meats.

I guarantee, just within a week you’ll get used to the 25331 model. The Hamilton Beach 25331 Super Sear Nonstick Electric Searing Grill’s gratified users commonly says, on a single session of grilling foodstuffs with different width was never been so easier before but now with Hamilton Beach 25331 Super Searing Grill, it’s all fun each and every time.

The non-detachable nonstick grilling area is completely dishwasher safe and you can also clean it manually if you like. For manual cleaning, just use wet paper towels or soft soapy sponge and then dry it simply with a piece of dry cotton cloth or dry paper towel. It takes only a minute or two and your Hamilton 25331 is ready to rock on the next grilling session!

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Trusted Online Reviews Of Hamilton Beach 25331:

This popular kitchen gadget has an excellent 4.4 stars out of 5 stars user ratings on Amazon. Almost every buyers wrote satisfactory reviews about this superb kitchen gadget. Everyone knows that, Amazon is a trusted place where you can have a clear idea about any product. Just research a little on this great marketplace before buying anything and you’ll never have to regret about your purchased appliances or gadgets anymore. I bet you’ll consider your expenses as a wise investment on Hamilton Beach 25331 Super Sear Nonstick Indoor Electric Searing Grill for sure!


Hamilton Beach 25331 Super Sear Indoor Grill is provided with a digital display to show it’s temperature readings. It’s 100 square inch non-detachable nonstick grilling area is just massive for any family’s breakfast, lunch and dinner. Hamilton Beach 25331 Super Searing Grill’s adjustable temperature control is an absolute freedom to choose your desired temperature while you are grilling your healthy meals for your family.

It’s out of the box floating hinge feature is very suitable if you are going to grill foodstuffs which have a different width so preparing stakes and sandwiches simultaneously is a frequent fun now! Hamilton 25331 super searing grill heats up so quickly and on the other hand, it holds the heat constantly to help you with proper grilling experience.


I guess you’ve already found that me and my family we are really in love with this superb searing grill and it’s each and every feature is so advantageous to us and we just could not find any disadvantage of this magical grill. Now I would like to question you, would you try to find a single negative side of this grill? I guarantee you’ll not get a single one!

The Bottom Line:

A complete gratification does not come over night and after an enormous use of this marvelous Hamilton Beach 25331 Super Sear Nonstick Indoor Electric Searing Grill we are so happy with it’s performance. Yes, we are really so blessed that we’ve chosen Hamilton 25331. Nevertheless, it’s been more than 3.5+ years and it still grills like we’ve just bought it an hour ago!

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