5 Best Indoor Grill Dinner Ideas

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Barbecue is synonymous with grilled meat. Depending on the place, there may be different types of meat (chicken, beef, lamb, pork …) and even some vegetables, but it is difficult to find one that falls outside the norm. But if you are looking to prepare a different one, here are 5 best indoor grill dinner ideas to surprise in your barbecue.

5 best indoor grill dinner ideas:

5 Best Indoor Grill Dinner Ideas

A number of things that we can cook on the grill, and that we would never imagine. Things that we will normally won’t do, or that we rarely do. But these dinner ideas can really light up your party as people are bored with those grilled meats all the time. So, what can you do to change the game of barbecue?

#1. Grill your dessert:

Have we made all the meat? So what can we do else using it! How about grilling the dessert? You can almost grill any fruit for a bit like bananas, peaches, watermelon with a hint of oil and paprika, which will enhance the flavor. You will be amazed after tasting as the grilling adds more flavor and texture to the dessert.

#2. Lemonade on the grill:

Yes, you have read right, lemonade the grill. How? Well, preparing a lemonade with lemons that have passed through the grill, which will make them caramelized and give a spectacular flavor. Simply chop the lemons in half, impregnate them with sugar and grill them about 10 minutes, until they start to caramelize. Then we prepare the lemonade following the usual recipe.

#3. Grilled salads for the healthy:

Does anyone eat salads at barbecues? Well, somebody will, but they usually stay there sad, waiting for someone to listen to them. Well, if you do not want this to happen, you can also make the salad on the grill.

The key is to cut the lettuce in the middle and pass it on the grill until it is crunchy on the outside and tender on the inside. Then we can cut it and mount a normal salad or fill it. The rest of ingredients that you want to put also you can try to pass them by the grill: asparagus, tomatoes, zucchini … although it is not necessary. But live a little, it won’t hurt.

#4. Chili Chicken Wings:

And if you want a safe bet, then nothing better than the American classic chili chicken wings. The popular finger food tastes great. The Chicken Wings grilled with homemade fiery barbecue sauce as if this would come directly from the Tex-Mex kitchen!

#5. Make Some Moink!:

Moink, that is the name of the dish. It sounds funny and after reading the combination of ingredient some might think it also tastes like that. This dish is actually veal meat covered with bacon and it is grilled. Often that is done with barbecue sauce. This is an easy to prepare food that would rise as a star in your dinner parties.


It is hard to come up with new things to grill. And doing steak grills every time seems boring and also everyone needs a break from it. That is why we came up with these 5 best indoor grill dinner ideas. Now you will be able to break the shackle of usual grilled foods as your taste buds deserve better.

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